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Armored Liquid Level Gauges

No matter what the industry, engineers and manufacturers must conduct thorough process observations to maintain efficient system operations successfully. Whether used in wastewater treatment systems, power generation applications, or pharmaceutical manufacturing, sight glasses and level gauges help keep operators up to speed on equipment performance and functioning, allowing them to tackle issues before they cause serious delays, failures, or extra expenditures.

Simple reading devices that can be installed directly into equipment, level gauges provide a straightforward visual indicator for quick, easy monitoring. And with the use of armored level gauges, in particular, engineers can rest assured that their readings are accurate and their gauges well-protected.

Specialty Armored Sight Glass and Level Gauge Designs

Ideal for harsh or severe environments, armored level gauges use covers constructed with high-performance gaskets, bolts, and specialty cushioning to protect the sight glass. This ensures that readings are not compromised by mechanical stresses, thermal shock, abrasion, high-pressure PSIG, corrosion, or heavy impacts.

To provide maximum protection for sight glasses and observation tools, armored designs are fabricated with some of the industry’s highest-performing materials; including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Tempered borosilicate glass
  • Grafoil® GHP gaskets
  • Polycarbonate shields

At Papailias Inc., we offer many different liquid level gauge types, including:

ALG Series Armored Level Guard Liquid Level Gauges

These are crafted with an extra-heavy rigid metallic frame as well as stainless steel, Alloy 20, and PTFE tube holders. Offering exceptional impact and corrosion protection, ALG Series gauges can also incorporate a second polycarbonate cylinder to protect the glass sight tube from impacts better.

Reflex Armored Liquid Level Gauges

As their name implies, these gauges feature a reflex-style lens for the simplest and most accurate at-a-glance readings. Able to withstand pressures up to 4000 psi and temperatures up to 750°F, these gauges can be adapted to a variety of high-performance materials and connections to meet specifications for a wide range of industries.

Transparent Armored Liquid Level Gauges

Designed to allow the user to see both the liquid level and the specific characteristics of a solution, these high-performance clear lenses are mounted on both the front and back of a fluid chamber and can be equipped with shields to withstand corrosion and abrasive environments better.

Check Valves for Armored Liquid Level Gauges

These gauges are crafted out of steel or Type 316 stainless steel and also feature a stainless steel trim for the most durable performance.

Custom Sight Solutions from Papailias

The team at Papailias provides solutions for some of the most challenging problems facing today’s process engineers. Sight glasses and sight glass accessories, such as our armored level gauges, allow for easy, reliable process observation and field application control across all types of industries.

In addition to armored level gauges, we also offer lighting for sight glasses, sight flow indicators, high-pressure glass tubes, fused sight glasses, tubular level gauges, and much more. We’ve been helping our clients stay ahead of the curve since 1976, and we’re proud to be continuing our tradition of constant improvement and innovation.

To learn more about our armored liquid level gauge products or other precise level and monitoring controls, browse our catalog, or reach out to the team today to discuss your specific needs with an expert.

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RL Series Reflex Armored Liquid Level Gauges

TL Series Transparent Armored Liquid Level Gauges

ALG Series Armored Level Guard Liquid Level Gauges

Reflex Armored Liquid Level Gauges

Transparent Armored Liquid Level Gauges

Check Valves for Armored Liquid Level Gauges

Check Valves for Armored Liquid Level Gauges