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Sight Flow Indicators

In a process system, sight flow indicators offer an easy and efficient way to monitor fluids. Our extensive line of sight flow indicators is designed for varied applications in numerous industries.

Offering standard, high pressure, full view, and PTFE lined sight flow indicators in many sizes means that we are the one-stop source for all indicator equipment. Our standard and high pressure units can be configured with flapper, drip tube, or rotary flow indicators and feature bodies constructed from bronze, carbon steel, or 316 stainless steel and borosilicate glass.

Full view sight flow indicators are constructed from carbon steel or stainless steel with flanged or threaded ends. For high pressure applications, extra heavy wall cylinders are available.

To observe the flow of corrosive materials, our PTFE lined sight flow indicators are the ideal choice. All parts of this indicator are lined with PTFE (except the borosilicate glass) making them inert to corrosive fluids such as chlorides, sulfates, bleach solutions, solvents, acids, and phenols.

For accurate monitoring of fluids in a process system, sight flow indicators are an invaluable tool for determining where problems are occurring while maintaining that systems are working properly. With over 30 years in manufacturing sight flow indicators and process system equipment, Papailias is continuing to lead the industry in product innovation and manufacturing.

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