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For excellent viewing capabilities, Papailias offers lighting for sight glasses and explosion proof light fixtures to enable viewing within a process vessel in non-hazardous or hazardous conditions. Providing both lighting and viewing abilities, our all-in-one sight glasses require only one port into the system.

Explosion-proof light fixtures provide high-intensity lighting through halogen lamps for glare-free and bright illumination. These fixtures are mounted to the outer sight glass flange and remain completely outside the pressure vessel. To ensure safety, explosion proof fixtures are constructed with heavy walls to contain any internal combustion and a copper free aluminum alloy construction prevents corrosion. The borosilicate glass is finely ground to form a tight and precise seal. All lamp and wiring components are rated individually to meet UL-844 and C-UL/CSA C22.2 No. 137 explosion proof ratings.

We also offer a wide variety of sight glass lighting units that are suitable for many types of applications. For uses in enclosed containers such as tanks, mixers, and silos, nonhazardous location lighting units are ideal for providing high intensity lighting in a dust- and water-tight enclosure. Various lighting options are available with a halogen lamp or a proprietary high intensity LED [HI-LED] light technology. PAPAILIAS HI-LED lighting for sight glasses do not generate excessive heat, they feature long lamp life, consume less energy and can be specified as a nonhazardous or explosion proof light fixture.

When it comes to explosion proof light fixtures and lighting for sight glasses, PAPAILIAS is an industry leader in new and innovative technologies. Our industry experience sets us above the competition in lighting the way into your process systems.


•  Extended lamp life reduces operating costs
•  35,000 hour lamp life vs. 1000~2000hrs for halogen
•  Robust Technology – vibration, heat, dust, and surface oil resistant   
Ideal for use with video camera monitoring systems
•  No Excessive Heat                                                                               
Continuous operation
•  No heat transmission into sight glass or vessel                                    
•  Far less heat generation than a 100 watt halogen bulb
•  Twice the light at 1/3 the wattage of other LED fixtures                       
22% more light intensity than a 100 watt halogen bulb
•  93% less energy than a standard 100 watt halogen bulb                     
•  Lasts 98% longer than a standard 100watt halogen bulb
•  LED array LM80 tested to Energy Star standards                              
•  Custom optics provide bright, white, high intensity, uniform light with no hot spots or yellow tint

Various PAPAILIAS, Inc. fixtures feature UL Listings.

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