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There is no better way to manage and maintain liquid levels in a process system than by using liquid level gauges. With our extensive knowledge of the requirements of process systems and process system engineers, Papailias equipment is the ideal choice for liquid level gauges and indicators.

Magnetic liquid level gauges are suitable for hazardous and high pressure applications since they use magnetic floats instead of a glass chamber to indicate the level of the liquid. These magnetic liquid level gauges are the most cost effective solution in applications requiring excellent visibility, accuracy, and safety.

For easy readings at-a-glance, the most effective indicator is the reflex level gauge. The reflex style lens of this gauge uses a prism on the side that faces the liquid to reflect light enabling the user to see the level of the liquid by areas of dark or silvery appearance. This gauge displays the liquid levels quickly and accurately.

Our product line includes many different types of liquid level indicators including tubular liquid level gauges, level guard liquid level gauges, and armored level guard liquid level gauges. No matter what type of system you are using or what your specific requirements are, Papailias has the expertise to supply you with liquid level gauges that are of the highest quality and are the best in the industry.

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