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Glass Products

Among the many raw materials supporting modern industry and technology, glass is among the most versatile. Efficiently engineered and allowing for heavy-duty performance, glass products play a critical role in a wide range of applications.

At Papailias, for instance, we develop specialized glass products to meet specific customer needs in industries ranging from wastewater treatment, food and dairy, and power generation to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing. These glass products can be crafted to outfit new equipment and systems, upgrade old tools, or repair existing or damaged setups.

Heavy-Duty Glass Materials

We maintain a large inventory of annealed and tempered glass components in a host of thicknesses and materials. In addition to standard soda lime plate and quartz, our team routinely customizes various high-performance and heavy-duty glasses. Two of our most popular materials are Vycor® and borosilicate.


A high-silica, high-temperature performance glass offered by the Corning Co., Vycor®, unlike pure fused silica, contains 4% boron trioxide — making it easier to cut, customize, and manufacture for industry use. Vycor® is also prized for its high thermal shock resistance.


Sold under a wide range of brand names, borosilicate is one of the toughest materials available on the market, providing exceptional thermal shock resistance. In addition to offering an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion, borosilicate glass also provides superior mechanical strength, chemical resistance, clarity, and surface quality, while allowing for natural light transmission.

Custom-Cut Glass Products

Papailias offers custom glass products in a variety of shapes - including discs, rectangles, cylinders, and prisms - to meet clients' specific needs.

Glass Discs

Available in a wide range of materials and diameters for both rectangles and specialty flat shapes, glass discs can be engineered to custom thicknesses. We also offer custom finishing, polishing, and hole drilling services.

Open Ended Glass Tubes

Open ended glass tubes can be custom cut for all kinds of applications, and precision measurement marks can be easily added for volume, height, and other critical measurements. Standard in-house diameters range from 1.5 inches to a full 7-inch tube.

Armored Gauge Glasses

For use in both reflex- and transparent-style gauges, these are designed in a prism shape, allowing for extremely high visibility and ease in collecting liquid level readings.

Glasses, Cylinders, and Other Custom Glass Work from Papailias

To maintain accurate, reliable readings and smooth facility operations, process engineers depend on tools offering high visibility, durable performance, and overall ease of use. The team at Papailias Inc. is proud to engineer the sight glasses, custom lighting, flow indicators, gauges, and other glass components that help keep their operations running smoothly, day in and day out.

Every flat glass shape from our shop can be customized with drilled holes, silk screening, surface treatments, edge beveling, and polishing to meet your specific requirements. We also offer a complete catalog of standard solutions, including sight glass accessories and mounts, as well as sanitary flow indicators.

These glass solutions are ideal for even the most complex process observation and field application control challenges, and our team works with some of the world’s most demanding industrial systems. Our custom glass components are just one part of our toolkit; to explore our other offerings, check out our complete catalog, or reach out to the team today.

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