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Glass Cylinders

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Whether working in wastewater treatment, food and dairy, cosmetics, or power generation, proper monitoring of liquid levels is critical for ensuring all processes are running smoothly. And to ensure accurate monitoring, any industrial operation involving boilers, reservoirs, mixing vats, or other large vessels must make use of level gauges, sight glasses, and other critical monitoring accessories.

Whether supporting the structure of a gauge itself or supplying the tubing to support a full assembly, open ended glass cylinders - essentially what they sound like, a glass cylinder open both ends, that allow for easy monitoring of liquid during system processes - play a critical role in level monitoring and maintenance.

High-Performance Borosilicate Glass for Cylinders

One of the highest-quality and most durable materials on the market, borosilicate glass is ideal for use in open ended glass cylinders.

To create borosilicate glass, common silicate glass - a mixture of sand, sodium carbonate, and limestone - is combined with boric oxide, creating a less dense glass material with a higher melting point, lower expansion rate, excellent clarity, and high chemical durability.

Depending on its precise makeup, borosilicate glass can be engineered to have exceptionally high transparency and outstanding mechanical strength, as well as high transmissivity in addition to its outstanding thermal performance. Its versatility is unmatched: Scientific research laboratories, space shuttles, stage lights, movie sets, glass blowers, chefs, and chemists all rely on tools made of borosilicate glass.

At Papailias, for instance, we build sight glasses and vessel monitoring tools for both industrial and sanitary applications. Our industrial materials are specifically engineered for high temperature and pressure stresses, while our sanitary equipment is crafted with an emphasis on leak-tight, tool-less construction and easy cleaning and sampling access. Regardless of the application, we always rely on borosilicate glass materials for their reliability and high performance.

Custom-Cut Glass Cylinders from Papailias

Papailias open ended glass cylinders are available in lengths up to 48 inches, and can be custom cut with graduation marks for volume, height, and other critical measurements. Our standard diameters range from 1.5 inches to a full 7-inch tube, with varying wall thicknesses available.

Our team works closely with clients to find the ideal open ended glass tubes for their specific application. Our borosilicate components can be used to outfit new equipment and systems, repair a damaged gauge or tool, or simply upgrade an existing setup.

Since 1976, Papailias has worked to offer high-performance process observation and field application control products for the world’s most demanding industrial teams, and our custom open ended glass cylinders are just one of the many tools we use to customize our designs. From sight glasses, sight glass tubes and accessories, custom lighting, flow indicators, and gauges, our solutions are ideal for even the most challenging system monitoring scenarios.

Today’s process engineers are responsible for maintaining accurate, reliable operations day in and day out, and the team at Papailias Inc. is proud to produce equipment that helps them get the job done. To learn more about our custom-cut glass tubing or other sight glass and monitoring tools, check out our catalog, or reach out to us today to discuss your needs with an expert.

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Item #


Wall Thickness


1412 1 1/2 in 5/32 in 48 in
1413 1 3/4 in 5/32 in 48 in
1414 2 in 3/16 in 48 in
1415 2 1/4 in 3/16 in 48 in
1416 2 1/2 in 3/16 in 48 in
1417 2 3/4 in 3/16 in 48 in
1418 3 in 3/16 in 48 in
1419 3 1/4 in 3/16 in 48 in
1420 3 1/2 in 3/16 in 48 in
1421 4 in 1/4 in 48 in
1422 4 1/2 in 1/4 in 48 in
1423 5 in 1/4 in 48 in
1424 5 1/2 in 1/4 in 48 in
1425 6 in 1/4 in 48 in
1426 6 1/2 in 1/4 in 48 in
1427 7 in 3/8 in 48 in
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